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Go round and round (and round again) on a carousel.


1) (Optional) Watch Jonathan Napolitano's "The Carousel" to get in the spirit of this objective.

2) Research carousels you could potentially visit. Depending on where you live, you might need to plan this objective into a future trip.

Examples of awesome carousels include:

       Cedar Down Racing Derby in Sandusky, OH

       Smithsonian Carousel in Washington DC

       A Carousel for Missoula in Missoula, MT

Burnaby Village Carousel in Burnaby, BC

       And, of course, there are plenty more carousels to choose from. Check out this map from the National Carousel Association.

Note: Don't cheat yourself out of what could be an amazing experience by taking the easy way out. Please do not choose a "children's" miniature sized carousel commonly found outside a supermarket. We're looking for full sized carousels here.

3) Travel to and ride your carousel.

4) Post your photo of your experience on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts and #Carousel. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

Remember, if you post to a public Instagram or Twitter account your photo will show up on our Scout Board for other Quest Scouts to enjoy and comment on.

5) Tell us about your carousel ride in the comments below. What carousel did you ride? When was it constructed? Who did you go on this adventure with? What did you enjoy, or not enjoy, about your experience?