All That Came Before - Visit - 300


This objective asks you to visit historical markers. What counts as a historical marker? Any plaque that marks a historical event or location is a historical marker. The key is that unlike museums plaques, historical markers reside at the location where the history took place. You've probably seen signs while driving from point a to b that instruct you to pull to the side of the road for a short lesson in history. This objective asks you to do just that! For a list of historical markers, check out The Historical Marker Database


Check out and read up to three historical markers.


1) Visit up to three historical markers. Each historical marker you visit earns you 100 points, with a maximum of 300 points earned.

2) Post a photo that documents each marker you visits, and post them to Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook Group.

If posting to Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #questscouts and #history. (Remember, using a public account will allow your fellow Quest Scouts to share in the fun.)