Epic Proportions - DIY - 300



Throw or attend a food drive party.


Option One

What if Quest Scouts could do something BIG to help people in need? What if we could not only do something BIG, but have fun while doing it? That's what this month's DIY objective is all about. If you only do one objective this month, it would be AWESOME if this is the one you choose. 

So what are we doing? As a team, we are going to collect money and food for people in need. We're going to do this by throwing "food drive parties." Don't stress about the size of your party or the amount you raise. Small amounts raised by many of us will lead to a big impact!

1) Decide which food bank you're raising funds for.

2) Do your research to determine what needs the bank has. (It may be different than what you think!)

2) Plan a party. Do this in whatever way you see fit. A small dinner party would work, but so would a large get together- be creative. The important part is that you're getting people together for some fun. Make sure to inform your guests ahead of time that you're intentions are to raise money to help provide food for those who are hungry.

3) Have your party! Make sure to have an awesome time. If you provided your guests the link to our team food drive, you may want to remind them that they can use the link to donate directly. 

4) Comment below and let us know how many people were at your party and how much you were able to raise. We want the information so that we can keep track of our group success! (If you prefer not to share your numbers below, shoot us an e-mail at QuestScouts@gmail.com. We won't share your name, but will add you to the tally!)

Option Two

1) Let somebody else do the work and simply attend someone else's Food Bank Party! 

2) Let us know whose party you attended in the comments below.