Epic Proportions - Literature - 150



Learn about the classic "epic poem" The Odyssey by Homer.


Let's take some time to learn about "Epic Poetry" through videos about Homer's The Odyssey. (Are you happy we didn't suggest you read it?)

1) Watch the three videos below. 

2) Post something you learned from, and/or a question inspired by the videos in the comments below. We're also interested in knowing whether you thought the videos were worth a watch. 

The above video from the "Great Books" television series is an oldie but a goodie. The sound quality falters at times, but it is definitely watchable.

We're huge fans of Crash Course at Quest Scouts. This video is more critical of Odysseus' and calls out character flaws the "Great Books" series glossed over. 

While this video doesn't directly discuss Epic Poetry it examines the "hero story" that originated there.