Animalia - DIY - 300


1) Research animal track mold methods. There are several of tutorials online for making molds of animal prints. Go with any set of instructions you'd like.

Feel free to share promising instructions you've found in the comments below.

These instructions from the US Geological Survey are the best we've found so far.

2) Find a set of animal tracks. We highly suggest you take the time to find tracks of a non-domesticated animal. It will be a richer experience than simply stepping outside to make a mold of your dog's paw. Like many of our objectives, you will get from this objective what you put into it. 

3) Make your mold!

4) Take a photo of your results. Post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts and #Tracks. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

Remember, if you post to a public Instagram or Twitter account your photo will show up on our Scout Board for other Quest Scouts to enjoy and comment on.

5) Tell us about your experience in the comments below. How did you go about finding your animal tracks? Did you find it difficult? Were you able to identify what animal left the track? What method did you use to make the mold? How did your mold turn out?