Animalia - Research - 150

"He said change the channel, I've got problems of my own. I'm so sick of hearing about drugs and AIDS and people without homes. And I said, well, I'd like to sympathize with that but if you don't understand
then how can you act?"

-Ani DiFranco


1) Search for and find a list of endangered animals in your region. (The closer to home, the better.)

2) Choose a local endangered animal to focus on.

3) Research the animal you chose. What is its natural habitat? Why is it endangered? What, if anything, is being done to protect it?

Note: It might be fun to combine this objective with the Animalia find objective.

4) Post the name of the animal you researched, as well as three or more facts you learned about it in the comments below. Make sure that at least one of these facts is about why the animal in endangered.