Animalia - Travel - 300

"I like to go to the zoo. But not on Sunday. I don't like to see the people making fun of the animals, when it should be the other way around." 

-Ernest Hemingway


1) Decide which of the following you'd rather do: Visit a zoo OR wildlife sanctuary.

Notes: For the purposes of this quest, a wildlife sanctuary houses animals in enclosed areas, permanently or temporarily. We're not looking for protected areas of land where wildlife flourishes, but a place where humans care for/ provide a home for animals. Think built homes for animals. An example of an animal sanctuary is The Wildlife Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colorado, which rescues animals kept in poor conditions and provides them a better home. 

2) Do your research! Not all zoos are created equally. Choose a place to visit whose treatment of animals aligns with your beliefs. 

3) Go for it! Visit your zoo or sanctuary and have a good time!

4) Take a photo to document your experience. Post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

Remember, if you post to a public Instagram or Twitter account your photo will show up on our Scout Board for other Quest Scouts to enjoy and comment on.

5) Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Did you choose a zoo or animal sanctuary? Why did you choose the zoo/sanctuary that you did? Where did you end up visiting? Who did you go with? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you learn anything? The more detail the better!