Up In Flames - Art - 250


“The artist has to be a guardian
of the culture.”

-Robert Longo


Try your hand at drawing with charcoal sticks.


1) Use your research skills to identify and view charcoal drawings. You could do this through your computer, at a library, at an art gallery, or even a museum. Spend 30-45 minutes exploring the world of charcoal art. Making sure you commit some quality time to exploring other’s use of charcoal in drawing will help fuel an appreciation for the medium and its artists.

2) In the comments below, share the charcoal artist whose work you enjoyed the most. Make sure to describe the artist’s work and what you liked about it.

3) Gather your materials. You’ll need:

  • Charcoal Sticks

  • Rough Paper (They sell charcoal specific paper, but any rough paper will do.)

  • Paper Towel or Blending Stump

4) Create! We're leaving this objective wide open as some of you might be charcoal pros, while others will be brand new to the medium. If you've never used charcoal before, start by making patterns. If you're a little more advanced (or simply feeling adventurous,) consider creating a drawing inspired by your previous research.

If you're feeling lost, there are a bunch of great tutorials on Youtube.

Note: The most important thing here is that you spend time with the charcoal. In order to complete this objective you should spend at least 45 minutes exploring the medium. This is a high point art objective, and deserves a fair effort.

5) Take a photo of your charcoal drawing and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your art in our Facebook group.

6) In the comments below, In addition to sharing the artist whose work you enjoyed (#2), describe your experience creating with charcoal.