Up In Flames Micro Objective - DIY - 50


Quest Scouts inspires your to squeeze the most out of life while collecting real-life, physical badges. 


Light a candle and relax in its glow.


This micro objective is what you make of it. Sure, it’s simple! But we hope that you’ll take this opportunity to create and appreciate an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Enjoy!

1) Grab a candle! You certainly don’t have to, but this would be a great excuse to “treat yo self” to a brand new, slightly overpriced candle.

2) Wait for (or plan) a time where you can truly relax. Evening, or a nice rainy day, would be great.

3) Light your candle and relax. Read a book, work on a puzzle, listen to music- do whatever you want!

4) In the comments below, describe your relaxing moment. What did the candle feel/smell like? What activity did you partake in?