In Print - Research - 250


1) Locate and visit a magazine that was published at least 40 years ago. The older the better!

Note: You must be in the presence of the physical magazine, not a digital version.

2) Read at least one article from the magazine. (If necessary, you can acquire a digital version to read after seeing the physical magazine in person.)

3) Photograph and share the magazine on Instagram with the tags #QuestScouts and #OldNews.

Note: If there is a rule against photographing the magazine you may skip this requirement and explain this in the comments.

4) In the comments below, tell us about your magazine adventure from start to finish. How did you locate your magazine? What type of building was it in? What did the magazine look like? What article did you read? How was the article? Explain any differences between your magazine and more current magazines that you noticed.