Cardboard Adventures - Find - 300


For many people, Sunday morning means cracking open the puzzles and games section of thier favorite newspaper and setting to work. This find objective gives a nod to newspaper puzzlers, through combing geocaching or letterboxing with this timeless tradition. In order to complete this objective you'll need to find that requires you to tackle a crossword, soduko, or any other typical "newspaper puzzle." 


Make a find that requires solving a "newspaper puzzle."


1) Identify and solve a hide* that requires you to solve a newspaper puzzle. 

An example of a cache with a newspaper theme is GC20V6R or GCZRQ5.

2) Make the find.

3) Let us know what cache or box you found in the comments below. (Include the GC or AQ number if applicable.)

4) Take a photo to document your adventure and document it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts and #Geocaching or Letterboxing. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

Remember, if you post to a public Instagram or Twitter account your photo will show up on our Scout Board for other Quest Scouts to enjoy and comment on.

*A "find/hide" can be either a geocache or letterbox. Not familiar with either? Watch this video by Groundspeak, the #1 lister of geocaches or read about letterboxing from Atlas Quest.